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The Vedasoft Pricing Management Solution facilitates the management and deployment of price policies through the entire enterprise, allowing companies to define rules for contract pricing, volume discounts and enforcement that are customized to product lines, market segments, sales force, geographies and channels. The solution caters for specific accounts, state exclusions, and the management of contractual obligations. The entire process helps sales organizations within enterprises to price products accurately so that there is no loss in revenue.

Rules-based pricing policies - are established by sales and marketing, eliminating the need for IT to upload   pricing in enterprise systems
Enterprise-wide deployment - instantaneously communicates pricing policies to sales staff eliminating paper   catalogs, price updates, discontinued SKUs
Customized pricing - responds to competitive forces existing in the marketplace, thus increasing competitive   advantage
Email-based deployment - communicates accurate pricing information to mobile sales teams

Price changes are deployed instantaneously to the sales force.
Errors and omissions are reduced as outdated price catalogs are eliminated.
Time-consuming manual processes replaced by automated processes.
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